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Sheriff investigating social media post about security at FCHS

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office is investigating a social media post about security at Franklin County High School.

"This morning school administrators at the Franklin County High School discovered a social media tweet involving school security," a press release from the sheriff's office said. "The social media tweet was reported to the Sheriff’s Office where officers responded and remained on the premises throughout the day. The tweet referred to one’s opinion of the school’s security. Law enforcement and school administrators began the task of attempting to locate the author of the tweet. Law enforcement is currently working with multiple social media outlets to track the tweet and the author. The Franklin County High School was never on lock-down during the day of March 2, 2018. Currently, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has an assigned school resource officer at each school in Franklin County."

Franklin County School Superintendent Wayne Randall said that someone had posted that the high school would be an easy target for a shooter.

Randall said the social media post was taken as a statement and not as a threat, but an increased police presence was called to the school anyway.

Randall reported around lunch that it had been very quiet at the high school.

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