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School board to discuss school calendar Tuesday

CARNESVILLE - How many days will be in the 2019-20 Franklin County School System calendar?

The Franklin County Board of Education will discuss the calendar Tuesday at their regular meeting at 6 p.m. at the Central Office on Busha Road in Carnesville.

The board planned to discuss next year’s calendar Thursday during their work session.

However, board member Alan Mitchell was absent from the meeting due to his being in Perry with his children, who are competing at the Georgia National Fair.

Earlier, Mitchell asked school board chairman Robin Cato to ask the board to push the item to their regular meeting so he could be present for the discussion.

The other board members agreed to do so, and board member Jo Beth James asked School Improvement Director Kelly Akin to find out how many school systems in Georgia were on a 180-day school calendar, how many were not and how Franklin County ranked among other systems in the state’s assessment scores.

The board also debated how many days to have in the 2018-19 school year last December.

A 164-day calendar was eventually voted on after a survey of school staff and parents showed 75 percent of each wanted to keep a 164-day schedule over the other options of a 170-day and a 180-day schedule.

School systems in Georgia are required by the state board of education to have a 180-day schedule, or one with the same number of instructional hours.

In 2010, in the midst of state funding cutbacks caused by the recession, Franklin County’s school board voted to add 45 minutes to each school day and reduce the calendar to 160 days.

Since then, four days have been added back to the local school calendar.

State funding was fully restored this year, and concerns over student achievement with the shorter calendar, has prompted discussions of going back to  180 days.

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