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  • Sandra Mayfield
    Sandra Mayfield

Mayfield makes history at LHA

LAVONIA – For the first time in its history, the Lavonia Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners has elected a resident and an African American as its chairman: Sandra Mayfield.

Mayfield moved to the Lavonia Housing Authority in February of 1996.

The Lavonia Housing Authority oversees 180 public housing apartments in Lavonia, Carnesville and Canon.

After 12 years of living in the Lavonia Housing Authority, Mayfield was appointed to the authority’s Board of Commissioners in 2008.

In 2017, she was elected the board’s vice chairman.

“There was a little learning curve when I first got on the board,” Mayfield said. “I had to get used to everything and everyone who was on the board.”

Since joining the board, Mayfield said she has received a lot of encouragement from other residents and friends.

“One friend told me it was a good thing I was doing and to just do the best that I can do and that’s what I do,” Mayfield said. “I do the best that I can because that’s all that I can do.”

According to Lavonia Housing Authority Executive Director Ricky Whitworth, Mayfield brings a unique prospective of residents’ needs to the board in regards to policy development.

“She serves as a common bond and liaison between residents and management as policy decisions that affect the living conditions of our residents continually evolve,” Whitworth said.

Not only does Mayfield keep residents’ concerns in mind with policy development, but she is also willing to help residents by ensuring they understand policy decisions or feel like their concerns have been heard by management.

“I routinely get calls from Sandra on resident concerns or a policy decision that a resident may need to understand better,” Whitworth said. “This is exactly where Sandra excels and it helps keep management in touch with the citizens we are here to serve.”

Whitworth also said that Mayfield works with housing authority residents to help them understand the importance of being a good neighbor and a good resident.

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